Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dog Tales Coming Soon!

Have you heard about the amazing dogs who are featured in Dog Tales? You will soon. Dog Tales is scheduled to publish in June 2014. Keep posted by tuning in regularly to this blog!

Picture showing Newfoundland
Meet Rocky! Rocky's story is featured in Dog Tales.
Remember Rocky Balboa? Well, this is Rocky, too. This Rocky is a fuzzy, rambunctious fellow. He came to his family as a puppy and an surprise addition. Since he was an unexpected arrival, he pulled out all of the classic Rocky charms: sad eyes, slobbery kisses, and lots of fancy costume-wearing fun. Like Rocky, the boxer in the hit movie, this Rocky felt like an underdog, but soon realized with perseverance and heart, God will bless such a fellow. Hear all about Rocky and other adopted dogs in Ambassador International's June release of this Beatitudes page-turner!

Friday, May 23, 2014