Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tribute to Tippie

by Nat Williams

Tippie was the name of that dog I had as I was growing up in Mattituck, Long Island, NY. That's ninety miles east of NYC. Freight trains came out daily from Jamaica in the Queens. They finished in Greenport, thirteen miles east of Mattituck and returned to Jamaica the same day. So Tippie and I used to ride in their engine for the round trip from Mattituck to Greenport. They did switching in each town along the way.  Tippie also loved to go swimming with me in a fresh water lake 1½ miles from our home. Whenever I went under, he would swim around in circles, looking for me.

On my last trip on the freight train, Tippie must have eaten something with poison in it while he was wandering around in Greenport. He died in my arms as I sat on the fireman's seat on the return to Mattituck.

God bless Tippie forever! He will always be in my heart!

Love Hugs, Nat & Margie
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