Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill Up for Adoption

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ASPCA staff & volunteers with some of the puppy mill dogs that they'll help place into homes.
ASPCA staff & volunteers with some of the puppy mill dogs that they'll help place into homes. 
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Last month, 100 dogs who had been living in crowded and filthy conditions were seized from a Clewiston, Florida puppy mill. On Monday, some of those dogs arrived in Tampa for a new start at life.
The disturbing photos released by the ASPCA shortly after the November puppy mill bust showed multiple dogs in cages, some appeared dirty and listless, others appeared starved for attention.
The dogs looked much different after their arrival in the Tampa Bay area on Monday morning. They appeared happier and well cared for.
“We have people that come in and evaluate the dogs and see what kind of behavior needs they might have, so we get them all ready, giving them vaccines if they have had ongoing medical needs that they are receiving care and attention for that,” said Marni Nofi with the ASPCA.
The Humane Society of Tampa Bay will try to find some of the dogs a permanent home here in the Tampa Bay area.
“We are excited about the timing of this, because we would like nothing more than to put these poor babies who were mistreated so terribly in the beginning into new homes for Christmas,” said Pam Backer with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.
Once the dogs are given the once over by the Humane Society vets, they should be available for adoption.
A variety of breeds and sizes of dogs were removed from the south Florida location, including a mother and her three pups.
“In all, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay picked up eleven dogs that it hopes to have placed by the end of the week.
If you’re interested in adopting one of them, you can contact the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at (813) 876-7138.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shared by my dear friend Linda: this is not a Dog Tale, but rather a very beautiful Animal Tale of Human Kindness and Compassion:

A Man Found Two Bear Cubs Beside Their Dead Mother. Words Can't Describe What Followed .
A naturalist named Casey Anderson stumbled across two grizzly bear cubs nestled beside their dead mother in the wild mountains of Alaska. Casey couldn't just leave these little guys to die in the wilderness, so he made the brave decision to take them with him. He trains animals for a living, so he knew he would be able to give these cubs a real shot. That simple decision, borne out of grief, turned into one of the most unique and adorable rehabilitation stories we have ever laid eyes on.
 This is Casey and the little cubs. Unfortunately, only one survived and he decided to adopt him.

He named him Brutus. 

Brutus grew up as part of the family, albeit a very fuzzy part. 

It was Casey's job to train animals, so raising and training Brutus was normal for him. 

Over the years, they became close friends and brothers. 

And Brutus got the run of the pool. 

Brutus grew to be so close to Casey, he was even his best man (bear) at the wedding. 

It may have made the bride a little nervous. 

But she was probably glad Brutus wasn't capable of taking him to a strip club (no thumbs). 

Brutus also gets a place of honor at the Thanksgiving table. 

Life is good for this not-so-average bear. 


You'll be hard pressed to find a situation cooler than being best friends with a killer grizzly bear.
If Casey and Brutus made you smile, then you should probably spread the joy and share this.
This is a lovely story.   Shame all humans aren't this kind and understanding.   Though many are and this is a lovely example of it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book Signing Sept. 26 at B&N KC

join us at the:

  River Read


Meet authors from across the region…

Well-known Scholastic, Children’s

Authors and me, we will be on hand to

sign books for precious readers!
Where:            Barnes and Noble Zona Rosa
When:       Saturday, September 26, 2015
Time:        Anytime between 1 & 3 p.m.


I hope you can join us!

May God truly bless you J

Thursday, September 10, 2015

God Works in Mysterious Ways:

Dog saves newborn baby abandoned left to die at trash heap

It wasn't uncommon for an adventurous two-year-old dog named Pui to leave his house in Thailand, explore the neighborhood, then return to his family. One day, he found himself passing a roadside dump when a white plastic bag among the trash caught his eye. He began sniffing and pawing at the bag, realizing he'd made a shocking discovery.
Pui knew what he had to do. He carried the bag all the way back to his owner, barking loudly on the porch. His niece, curious what Pui was fussing about, opened the bag — only find a tiny newborn baby girl inside, barely alive but breathing. Her umbilical cord was still attached. What kind of monster could abandon their baby like this?
Pui's owner rushed the baby to the hospital. She was in critical condition, having been born almost two months prematurely. After she was hooked up to an incubator, doctors were able to help the miracle baby recover.
Pui, of course, was hailed a hero. He received a special leather collar with a medal for his heroic deed. As for the precious baby girl, several families approached the Red Cross in hopes of adopting her.
Dogs have such incredible instincts. Please SHARE brave Pui's story with your friends on Facebook!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cooper Gets Adopted




Priscilla Dorado      


West Siloam Springs, OK      

Shelter: Re-homed  

Why Cooper is so special:

Our dog Cooper is a Golden Retriever mix and is deaf. The people who had him before couldn't keep him anymore and were trying to re-home him. We were going to foster him since Cooper was already full grown and my nephew was only a year old. Little did we know he was staying for good! He is now a part of our family and he and my nephew are the BEST of friends. I couldn't ask for a better dog to complete our family!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:   
He would tell us how much he LOVES hot dogs! He would tell us how much he loves us and how he LOVES going on car rides. And if he could talk, I would like to ask him to explain why he always goes into the pasture and rolls in the cow patties! AND if he enjoys getting baths?!